Just Horsin’ Around (for Emily)

I’m trying something out here. I’m posting an entry from my other blog here because I’ve noticed that when I make comments in friends’ blogs, they are using WordPress, and my link brings readers here rather than to my other blog at Thoughts From Crow Cottage.

Not sure the html will work here like it does over there, but here goes:

This entry is for my friend, Emily.

Do you remember, Em, telling us recently about your walk and meeting up with the horses? I knew I had these two photos of me and the horse somewhere and I just found them. I pictured you (in place of me) nuzzling up to those beautiful long horse-noses, just like I was doing in these photos which were taken during my first honeymoon (married to 1st husband) back in the ancient year of 1970 out on a friend’s farm.

We’d only been married for a few days or a week at the time Bill took these photos of me and the horse(s).

This was taken on the day – note the “mini-wedding-dress” I was wearing, that certainly shocked a lot of people back then… not the least of whom was the Episcopalian priest who married us!

But hey, that was all the fashion – and I bought that “wedding dress” in a regular woman’s dress shop in Washington, D.C. thus saving thousands of dollars!

My First Wedding 1970
From left: Sandy (Maid of Honor), my Nana, new husband Bill, new wifey Me, and my sister Sarah

Em, I hope you get back to see the horses, maybe bring an apple or a carrot with you for a snack for them… they love those things!

That’s all for now. Just ‘horsin’ around’ I am…

Cheers to the Animals of the World!

We brought our cat, George Washington, from Maryland to Massachusetts to get married with us. What a great cat, was our George.


“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

[Anatole France]


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