What to do now?

Hello again WordPress.  Wow.  I’ve been happily blogging at JournalScape for lo these many years since I was last here, and now the owner (host) of that site is giving it all up and has informed all of us JournalScapers that we need to “export” our blogs somewhere else… or else!

This is very distressing to me as I’m only marginally literate in all things internet.  I have tried to do this task once this morning, exporting the file over here, where I already had an old blog, but it did not work.  They gave you a list of “hosts” that you’d be exporting from and none of them was mine (journalscape).  Figures.  So I was stuck at that point, not knowing how to proceed to the export phase.

Does anyone reading this know what I should/could do to make this as simple as possible?

Oh woe is me!

If I ever solve it, I’ll let you know.